Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shop ride Sundays - Pay back time!

Good to see a big advanced group leave the shop on Sunday, apparently split later in the ride out to Decker Lake and around the Tri bike course. Big-up to the ever present Zac for hanging back and helping people fix tyres; Zac is over the moon this week having got a slot for LOTOJA 2010, at 206-miles the longest 1-day bike race in the US! Thanks also to Rafael and Team Velossimo for coming out and riding, as well as Tammy Metzger from Tempo Multisport.

A BIG WELL DONE TO also to all the no-drop riders, especially the first-timers! With thanks to Hugo we got everyone out to Decker Lake and back without incident but with some tired legs! Go Team! - Decker is a great skill learning ride for the no-drop, providing a mix of in-town, traffic, hills and flat roads, it's also further than we'd normally take you, everyone seemed to agree is was a good challenge.

This week it's Rookie time, or as Billy Harlee calls it, the "Sprint World Championship Triathlon"! So the no-drop returns to the regular South route down to Atkins High School, and any other rides will be pick-up rides, decided on the day.

Oh yeah, the pay back? Last week the advanced group got back first and demolished 50 Taco Deli breakfast tacos before the no-drop ride returned ;-)



Anonymous said...

who is going to lead the no drop ride

Monci said...

I have to agree the no drop ride last Sunday was great. Mark was great and helped a lot of the riders. I went along to ride with my wife. The easy pace was very good and Mark helped her with some riding tips. Hugo also help out. Just want to say thanks to those guys.

Larry Moncivais