Thursday, May 20, 2010

IronMonth Challenge

Though May is almost over, there's still time to follow the Placid Athlete as she continues to take on the IronMonth Challenge in May! The IronMonth Challenge is to complete the equivalent in training of at least 4 Iron-distance triathlons during the first 30 days of May: 9.6 miles swimming, 448 miles biking, and 104.8 miles running. (May 31, Memorial Day, will be a rest day.) Suzanne Bertin of will continue logging her progress throughout the month, sharing information on daily workouts, tips for how to manage time (including how to deal with unexpected schedule conflicts), and nutrition and training.

Suzanne Bertin is certified by USA Triathlon as a Level 1 Coach, and has been a multi-sport athlete for many years, having completed numerous events from sprint distance to half-ironman, 5k to marathon, bike commuting to multi-day, century-plus bike rides. It all started with a daily bike commute to and from work back in the early 90s and grew from there.

Suzanne’s goal is to inspire others to get out and get active, in spite of their already busy lives. As a working, age-group triathlete who is also a mother of twins, Suzanne can appreciate the quest for the elusive work-life balance. It can be done, and Suzanne will show you how! Follow @placidathlete on the IronMonth Challenge!


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