Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why hasn't anyone bought this AR4?

Alright... I'm not quite angry yet, but things have got to change around here. I mean, if your reading this post you probably have an aero helmet in your closet or have entertained thoughts of selling a kidney for a set of race wheels. Perhaps both... Yet so many of you are unabashedly riding on road bikes with the aerodynamic properties of a brick. Oh, the hypocrisy of man! It perplexes me that this AR4, a lion amongst lambs, has escaped notice.

Am I the only one who dreams of peeling off the front of a charging peloton? Am I the only triathlete that wants a road bike so fast it will blow the minds of all those roadies that clearly saw you wave, but did not wave back? I won't believe that. I refuse to believe that! It's winter now, time for base miles and cold fingers. Time to build the fitness that will carry you through next season. All the suffering, the TV shows you could of watched, the social events you've blown off to train. It was all for one purpose... To go faster! The AR4 isn't a gimmick, it's real technology that will help in this quest and I truly believe it to be one of the jewels of our lineup.

I'll start from the top and be as succinct as possible here. FELT's AR line of bikes debuted last year to much industry acclaim and have been ridden by the Garmin-Transitions pro cycling team all over the world. The bike retailed last year for $3799. This year FELT is offering an improved version of the same cycle for $3499. What did they skimp on? Literally nothing... The frame is lighter and comes with a completely redesigned Ultegra gruppo. The new Ultegra 6700 weighs 150 grams less than last years version, has carbon fiber brake levers and internal cable routing. Even the brakes are Ultegra grade (most company's will skimp on the brakes, because the average consumer only looks at the derailleurs and shifters). The frame set itself is essentially a FELT B12 time trial bike with road geometry. As a bonus, the bike is aesthetically stunning and weighs in at under 17 pounds.

Come on by the shop. I'll wax philosophical on this bike and give you more information than you probably want. Did you know that we also allow extended test rides? Take it out on your next group ride and burn everyone to the city limit sign. Just make sure to zip up your jersey so the crowd knows who your sponsored by.


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