Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bikes are awesome!

Christmas is here in like two days or something and my credit cards are already maxed out. I've even had to pawn my beloved Wheels in Motion jersey to afford gifts for everyone. The marketing magicians doing their job so well that I have been equating happiness with the amount of junk I buy. Honestly, I just bought a hand painted naked lady tie for my dad at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

Question: How much did it cost?

Answer: $45.00

Conclusion: I'm an ignoramus

Things, things, things and stuff... It's just so easy to get caught up in the Target version of Christmas and forget everything else. I've always loved Triathlon, and I've always loved cycling because it consists of the stripping away of all that excess. Distilling ourselves down to what we truly are and pushing beyond what we think we can do. Failing. Succeeding. Listening to ourselves and then ignoring the advice.

A winter ride with good friends, or the silence of a solo journey has got to reflect the spirit of the holidays better than a flippin' Snuggie. Suffering up climbs and laughing with out agenda has got to trump one of those bathtub whirlpool things. Santa, give me time. Give me Ranch Road 337. Allow me to bottle the peace I find while riding, and drink from it in my everyday life. That's what I want.

Oh... Shoot... Well, this is kind of the the blog of a retail store and I may have inferred that buying products may not be as rewarding as they initially seem. Uh... Man... O.K., Jack, before you freak out I've made a chart! Be calm, it's all very scientific. Strategic solutions for dynamic business data and whatnot.

See... Professional.


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