Monday, December 7, 2009

Movement University!!!!!!

This Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Jessi Stensland’s MovementU seminar. This was truly a great opportunity for our Triathlon community. Jessi has a solid history as an elite triathlete and was trained and mentored by one of the best people in the strength and conditioning industry (Mark Verstegen:

Jack quickly got behind the seminar with the goal of helping Jessi improve the numbers and considering that the class filled. I was grateful to be a part of the experience. The class highlighted and reviewed the basics of proper bio-mechanics, and body position in all three disciplines. As the J & A bike specialist I find it challenging, at times, to educate customers to these often obvious strength, core and posture needs.

The highlight of the curriculum was the emphasis on each participants focus and responsibility to be aware of what each needed to do to improve posture, core contraction and consequently strength in a unified and coordinated manner. There were excellent examples and opportunity to practice implementing the posture and core stability into proper bio-mechanics, without the typical debates of bio-mechanical philosophies.

The class was a commitment of nearly the full day with great food, not catered, but prepared by both Jessi and her mother. I heard several attendees mention even the meal was a lesson in awareness of how an athlete could eat a protein dense meal without using animal protein as the primary source.

I would greatly encourage this course to any coach or athlete especially he or she who possess experience in the gym or with functional strength and conditioning. Jessi took complex movements and almost made entirely new activities from the most fundamental portions. The impact of this was a very strategic approach for the time sensitive triathlete in improving, not only performance, but injury resistance, an area where all triathletes can benefit.


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