Thursday, December 17, 2009

Race Mugs and Other Great Things

Here at Jack & Adam’s we all have Christmas and the New Year on our minds so I figured I would continue the trend and talk gift ideas and new 2010 items at the shop.

First on “my list” being a coffee lover and all is a cool hand painted race mug by Austin local artist/athlete Nancy Germond. The race mug is a great gift idea for under $50 ($40 to be specific) and in addition to being hand painted, the mug comes with your athlete’s race results, including all splits and race day info, ‘wrapped’ around the mug. For you local Austinites, order by December 22nd to have the gift ready before Christmas. Check out Nancy’s site here.
Second on “my list” is to take the cool race mug one step further and fill it with GU gels, Clif Shot Bloks, and or funky socks.

My background comes from the water, swimming that is, so though I don’t swim as much as I use to I still like to keep up with the latest and greatest in the swimming world; which brings me to Blue Seventy’s expansion of their goggle line. Blue Seventy now offers 5 different goggle models: the Hydra-Vision offering extended vision and enhanced clarity, the Nero RZR with interchangeable nose piece capability (my personal favorite), the Siren designed for the smaller framed faces, the Vision offering 180 degrees of view (available in two sizes), and the original Blue Seventy Element offering the silicon gasket for a more “gentle to the face” fit. Feel free to stop in and try on any pair of goggles!

Also, I know it's the "off-season" and all but don't forget to do something...anything. I have been enjoying my "off-season" time with swimming, some fun bike rides with super mechanic husband, James, and I am staying toned through Crossfit Central's Relentless Boot Camp...check out the site here . Check out my success story on the site, yup I am a Crossfit Success! Lisa Bender-Tiel is the head trainer for the Jack & Adam's bootcamp. To see what the J&A's bootcamp is all about check out our bootcamp blog...or tryout a class. To tryout a class contact Lisa here.
Happy Holidays and Be Safe!!


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