Monday, December 28, 2009

chain lubrification

I see lots of bikes that are either lubed way too much or never, so here is the proper way to lube your chain. Ideally you should start with a clean chain, so if yours is not clean, then either clean it first or get a new one if it is getting worn out. Once your chain is clean and dry what you should do is put the equivalent of one drop of lube per chain link. After you have lubed your chain let it sit for at least a couple of hours to let the chain lube dry a little. I usually lube mine the night before so I know it is dry and it won't pick up any extra dirt. As far as the kind of lube to use, it does not really matter very much as long as you stay consistent. when you mix lubes, things tend to get a little dirtier. I prefer to use either Boeshield T-9 or Purple Extreme. Both of them work well and they tend to stay pretty clean. I recommend lubing your chain every 3 to 4 rides.

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