Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Your Training Partner

Although I'm not a big Valentine's Day type person, aside from the excuse for Chocolate, I felt I'd take advantage of it for the sake of a blog entry.

I've been inspired to write this based on a picture of "The Jack." Some of you may have seen the article about J&A owner, Jack Murray and his wife Stacy in the recent Competitor Magazine. If not, you should go pick up a copy, it's a quick and enjoyable read.

Finding a good training partner is tough, finding a great training partner is virtually impossible. Lucky for me, I happen to live with my favorite training partner. As unlikely as that situation may sound I actually know a few other couples who train together.

Now, you might think triathlon is how we met each other but that is far from the case. When Michael and I met we were merely two engineering students, attending the same college. I don't even think I knew what triathlon meant at that point. It was not until moving to Austin that we discovered triathlons. Who would've guessed we would be the same speed...

Aside from us we have some other friends who are lucky enough to train together. Two of them met while training, or well... while competing in training. As the story goes, they used to go on weekend rides and push as hard as they could to test the other one. Then they'd return to their respective residences and crash on the floor until they had the energy to move again. Eventually they started to date but I think it took a bit of time before they admitted how hard they had each been working during the courting period. They too are now happily married to their training partner.

That couple is among the group labeled, "Fast guys with faster wives." This is a prestigious group. You guys out there might think it's embarrassing to be "chicked" but I think it's far more beneficial to be chicked by your roommate than someone you hardly know. If you don't believe me, ask a guy who's married to a fast chick.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Good luck to everyone running the Austin Marathon on Sunday, especially my favorite training partner.


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