Friday, February 20, 2009

First Endurance: EFS Liquid Shot

We've had several customers request that J&A carry First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot. I am a big fan of First Endurance Products, so I was excited to test Liquid Shot out and get the shop to carry it on a regular basis.

I am one of the "sensistive types" know the one on the ride or run who cannot eat a particular gel or bar because it "tears my gut up." My stomach sensistivities have helped me become much more aware of what nutrition companies use in their products. First Endurance uses the best of the best so I knew I would be in for a treat!

I decided to test out the gel on a 14 mile run. Luckily, I was relatively familiar with the route so I had bailout plans in case I had stomach issues. Pre-run I was a little anxious about trying the new gel. The night leading into my long run was a rough night stomach-wise. My stomach was pretty upset from dinner the night before and even the morning of the run, so I figured things would not go great or head south pretty quick once I started taking the gel.

At 40 minutes I finally took a taste...Awesome! I did not feel the need to take any water with it. The EFS Liquid shot was super smooth and just the right viscosity. At that point I figured it went down easy, but can my stomach hold? YES! Even after 10-20 minutes my stomach was still good. Before I knew it, I needed to take the Liquid Shot again. I found myself hoping the time had passed so I could take more in. Needless to say by the end of the 14 miles I had an empty flask, happy stomach, and my body was feeling strong and calorically satisfied. I would definitely recommend the EFS Liquid Shot to anyone including the "sensitive" type.

Looking for more information on the EFS Liquid Shot? Here you go:

-400 high quality calories

-1500mg electrolytes

-1000mg of amino acids

-unique is reusable!

-no gelling agents...that is a great thing; gelling agents slow down absorption and digestion.

Happy Training!



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