Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Featured Event: Biking Extravaganza

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There's a new biking event in Austin that sounds fun. It's a bicycling scavenger hunt designed with all ages in mind. So if you're looking for something a little different on Saturday, Feb 28, check it out. Here's some info from the organizer:

Bridge to Mexico Biking Extravaganza

Fun Raising for Fund Racing

Saturday February 28th 2pm at Butler Park

Cost: $10

Bring yourself, and all the people you can find, along with bikes, to
experience Austin on 2 wheels like never before.

All profits will go towards Amigos Project. Amigos is a group of returned Peace Corps folks who have been going to Mexico since 1988. They work in poor communities just across the border from McAllan building, upgrading and maintaining kindergartens, primary schools and community centers. Favorite projects in recent years involve playscapes and general maintenance of kindergartens and the Amigos run community center Casa de Katie.

The goal is to collect a token from as many checkmarks in a given amount of time. The checkmarks and time will depend on the category you enter. Both Shrimp, for children (will remain on hike and bike trail), and Octopus, for inexperienced bikers just looking for fun, will have to time limit of 1 hr. Whales, people a little older and more competitive, and Shark, open to all bikers that own a jersey, have the time limit of 2 hours and many more checkpoints. All checkpoints will be given to participants on a map specified for that category. The top 3 participants of each category with the most tokens at the end of the time limit will win excellent prizes.



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