Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Tri: Desiree Ficker

In the J&A premiere newsletter back in April of 2006, Pro Triathlete, Desiree Ficker was our first author of the Training 101 Section. In it she describes her first try at a tri:

Two days before my first triathlon in 1999 I walked away from my local Maryland tri shop with a brand new Litespeed Saber. The bike was a 48cm. For those of you who don't know me I am 5'7! At the time I had yet to compete in a multisport event so I walked into the store and casually, but with great hope, threw around my 10k time thinking maybe they could get me some leverage on a lower price. I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing fee I was quoted! I took my new bike out on the roads and was shocked at how scary it was riding in the aero position for the first time. I had the similar feelings inside to when I was forced to walk the balance beam in gym class. I tried reaching down for my water bottle over and over but to my dismay was unable to comfortably reach anywhere at all while in the aero position.

Before my race a few days later I asked a friend who was there with me how I should gage my speed over the 12 mile bike segment....I had been riding a mountain bike to my teaching job at the time. He said "Just pretend you're riding to work, and you're really, really, REALLY late!!". Great advice I have to say.

Looking back I realize how the combination of my boasting and my lack of bike fit knowledge landed me a too small bike for the same size price......In my pictures from first IM Kona I seem to represent some version of Clifford the Dog on his tricycle.

Fortunately today, with the help of Jack and Adam's and Guru bikes, I am happily riding a 53 cm Guru Crono that doesn't make me feel like Clifford.

Best of luck and happy training!

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen or heard from her?? Her website hasn't been updated sense October.