Monday, February 9, 2009

Green Team Re-Cycling

Debuting the weekend of the Austin Marathon (Feb 13-15) is the J&A Green Team Re-Cycling. The Green Team is a recycling campaign geared towards keeping bicycles and everything bicycle related out of the landfills.

By creating this team, we're extending our green efforts at events into our daily activities at the shop. You can be part of it too by tossing your tubes and tires into one of the bins which will be located outside of the store. We'll have bins for other items as well and the contents will go to recycling centers, the Yellow Bike Project, the "Orange Bike Project" and other organizations that use discarded bike parts.

J&A's has also signed up with Clif Bar in their Energy Bar Brigade. We'll be a drop zone for energy bar wrappers which will be turned into other usable items. For each wrapper donated, two cents will be donated to the Austin non-profit Please Be Kind To Cyclists.

We're excited about this new recycling project. If you have any suggestions or ideas about recycling bicycle related items, please let us know.


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Bernadette said...

Future Craft Collective totally wants in on this endeavor. We're psyched.