Friday, December 19, 2008

Hammer Time!

Yes it's Hammer time...nutrition that is! After a few requests we have received large canisters of Perpetuem and Recoverite at the shop. For those of you not interested in the big canisters of Hammer, the single serving option is available as well. Oh, and though it isn't hot, don't forget the Endurolytes! They are great throughout the year to keep your body well balanced throughout any workout.

While we are on the topic of Hammer time, I am happy to report that I am riding weekly and consistenly at that! Right now a minimum of one ride a week is at the gym in a spin class. The spin workout makes me feel like I am hammering and the mental aspect is key. At least the group is getting me through an hour ride which says a lot since my ride time consisted of a 35 minute commute while I was in marathon training. Even though it is off season time it is always important to set goals. For me that is incorporating several rides a week while I increase my run mileage and prepare for Boston. Yup. I changed my mind and decided I would race Boston. So...what's your goal?

Get out and swim, ride, run, or just do something!

P.S. We got a great new energy bar in this week: 1st Endurance EFS Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar. It is gluten free and yes it taste good! Check out 1st Endurance's cool website.


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