Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Product Review: Lemon Chai U

The other day Stacy handed me something new to try. At quick glance I thought to myself, hmm... nuun has changed it's packaging for this new flavor.

I read the flavor on the label, Lemon Chai. I laughed a bit at the flavor, for years I didn't even know the name "Chai." Instead I just knew it as "yogi tea" flavor. Although I really enjoy Chai, especially after yoga, I didn't think it sounded like the flavor I'd pick on a long ride.

So, I did a bit of investigating...

Our friends over at nuun have come up with something new, U. U hydration is similar to nuun with a few vitamins replacing some of the electrolytes. There are three flavors to choose from: Lemon Chai, Tangerine Ginger, and Goji Berry Green Tea. As you may now have guessed, these new U hydration tablets are designed to give you an extra boost when you're out for light exercise or giving yourself some tasty refreshment throughout the day.

Sounds good but the real test is to see how it tastes when you are actually on the go. I decided to use the nuun as an excuse to go battle the afternoon winds and plopped a nuun into my water bottle. Or... maybe I just wanted a reason to watch the nuun fizz. After all, who doesn't like fizzy bubbly?

It tasted pretty good on the ride so I grabbed myself another one to drink as I write my blog entry. Maybe I'll go treat myself to some much needed yoga after I finish writing.

Kudos to nuun for their new product.

Available soon at J&A!


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Hart said...

i am totally addicted to u. goji berry green tea all the way, every day.