Friday, December 5, 2008

The New Perfect Stocking Stuffer: "The Thinksport Bottle"

Okay, so I am having the post-marathon blues since my race mid-November. The training/racing ended just in time for the holidays and of course just in time for some self pity. Everytime some delicious looking food is near me I think to myself, "You earned it from your marathon, you can enjoy." In reality my Monday post race was dedicated to just that...overindulging. I had a delicious shake from P. Terry's along with fries, and a burger. YUMMY! But I am still eating like I just finished a marathon and of course Thanksgiving didn't help either. Time for a reality check! I am suffering from wanting to eat everything and not knowing what my next athletic endeavor is to keep my focus and motivation up...

My next step towards getting back on the fit and healthy "bandwagon" is to honor this great new product we received this week: The Thinksport 750 Silver Stainless Steel Bottle. Sweet! The bottles were created with the safety issue in mind regarding chemicals occuring in polycarbonate based products. The cool thing about this bottle is that it holds hot or cold beverages and you can brew your own tea!!! Good bye to the milk shakes and hello to healthy tea!

Happy Training!



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Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

totally adding this to my wishlist!