Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Product Review: Action Wipes

What do the people in these pictures have in common? They all like bikes but more importantly they all smell from a lack of bathing.

Good news, I have a solution for those of you who have encountered this problem, Action wipes ( Action wipes are these great wet wipes that allow you to clean off the sweat and grime without taking a shower. I'm a little disappointed I didn't have them at the time when any of these pictures were taken but better late then never.

I secretly tested the action wipes the other night after a core workout. It was kind of fun to look at all the dirt those things wiped off my skin without wasting a drop of water.

They worked so well Michael didn't even seem to notice I hadn't showered. This is a good thing b/c he is always quick to complain that I smell like a swimming pool, smell like the back yard, etc. I therefore conclude the action wipes did their job.

Action wipes are also great for those of us who like to fit in workouts during the lunch hour. Your workout to desk transition will be improved significantly without the need to shower. No worries as you run an extra mile, you now have the time.

The biggest negative I found was the residual chemicals on my hands. Since I was about to cut veggies for dinner I didn't feel the action wipes got me adequately prepared. But, if you don't have water around these will do the trick.

The key here is to think outside the box with these wipes. We see the obvious post workout benefits but I want to point out another target audience, Mr. Gold_for_Life. Yes, you know who you are, the person who has racked up a life time of frequent flyer miles due to 20+ trips to Asia. If this is you or you know someone like this, listen up...

These wipes are essential for your trans-Pacific flights. Have you ever landed in LAX and thought to yourself, "Do I really smell that bad?" The answer is YES and the kid next to you on your flight to Austin is going to notice the guy who smells. No problem, your action wipes are not a liquid and you can bring them on the plane. You should use them! It will definitely increase the likelihood of getting hug from your spouse when you arrive home.

- michelle

PS: I'll buy a Clif Bar for the first person who identifies each of these pictures (No, you can not identify a picture you are in).

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