Friday, December 12, 2008

Nutritional Treats for the Holidays

Wednesday felt like Christmas at J&A's! We received lots of goodies. We are now stocked on chocolate Powergel, plain Powergel, tangerine Powergel, Pure Sport Recovery kit, Luna Moons in all flavors and lots of other nutritional products. We even have the seasonal Clif Bars- Iced Gingerbread, Spiced Pumpkin Pie, and Pear Apple Strudel. Heat one of these up in the microwave for a tasty warm treat on these cold winter days.

And now is the time to buy! Get 15% off all nutritional products in our holiday sale. Stock up for yourself or grab a few for healthy stocking stuffers!

There are so many things going on with the holiday season! Don't forget to save some time for yourself and get a workout in...even 20 minutes counts. It is going to be a great weekend so get out and ride!



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