Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Should I Put In My Saddle Bag?

'What should I put in my saddle bag?,' is a question we get all the time. I would recommend the basics to fix/repair a flat which include tire levers, a correct size tube, patch kit, and something to inflate the tube with whether it be a CO2 cartridge or a hand pump. A lot of manufacturers like Genuine Innovations & Crank Brothers make a CO2 inflater that can also be used as a hand pump (stop by the shop to see the options we carry).

The reason I include both a new tube and a patch kit is so that if you get more than one flat on a ride you can still repair it and get home. If your wheels have deeper sectioned rims then make sure the valve stem on the tube is long enough to air it up. Most wheels will use either a 32mm to 48mm valve, slightly deeper aluminum rims will use a 60mm valve, and many carbon rims will use an 80mm valve.

Other items that you may want to keep in your bag may include a multi-tool (i.e allen wrenches, chain tools, and spoke wrenches). You may also want to include a dollar bill...it is the best patch for a tire that is badly cut...if you do not have any bills, then a gel pack or energy bar wrapper will also work.


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