Monday, February 15, 2010

Things and stuff.

A terrible case of writers block, coupled with sudden onset Olympic fever has rendered me practically unable to blog. Below is a list of random thoughts, silly ideas and other barely passable comments on things in or around my life.

1. Congratulations to each and every one of you who even attempted yesterdays marathon or half marathon. I truly admire your fortitude and perseverance.

2. We are officially sold out of compression socks, tights and calf guards.

3. If you happened to find yourself running next to a guy in a full leprechaun suit, know that it was our friend Jay, who set an official Guinness world record (I'm talking about paperwork, costume guidelines, etc). He smashed the old record of 4:22 and ran his way into immortality. Shedding the skin of his old life and emerging as one of the greatest champions this town has
ever seen.

4. Snowboard Cross?

5. All helmets sold in our bike shop meet the same safety requirements. The Giro Ionos has 21 vents and something called X-static padding. It retails for $230. The Giro Transfer has 20 vents and retails for $35. Obviously X+1 = $195.

6. I truly feel that the giant corporations of AT&T, GE, and VISA have conspired to pluck our heartstrings at every possible Olympic commercial break. They slowly steal from us the ability to determine on our own what is great, and cleverly hide their message behind the suffering and triumph of others.

7. Lynskey titanium bikes are some of the most under rated and artisan bikes on the market today. Made in Tennessee, by the family that originally started Litespeed, they offer both custom and stock geometry. Next time you swing by the shop, check out the frame welds on our floor models and then think about which Brooks saddle would best complement your cycling tour of Belgium.

8. Paul Sherwen (As in Phil and Paul, one of the greatest cycling commentators of all time) owns a gold mine in Uganda

9. Last year, Sam, Brian and myself were riding on gravel roads in the middle of nowhere. Not only did we meet a sheriff who looked exactly like Wilford Brimley, but at one point during the ride, Sam wrecked on a particularly rough patch of gravel. I, while laughing at him, lost control and fell over. Then Brian, while reaching for his iPhone to document our lack of control, wrecked as well. I remember things like that much more than any of my race results.

10. I don't know... I truly think that iPods should be banned during all races and get you an instant disqualification. It taints the purity of the race. Discuss.


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