Friday, February 26, 2010

The Test of Time

In the market for a new watch but want something different from your previous Timex or Polar watch? You can look no further! Jack & Adam's now offers the Soleus watch. Founded locally, the Soleus watch line offers easy to use AND easy to read watches starting with the 10k. The 10k comes with features like 30 lap memory,5 interval timesr,convertible display, 2 alarms, and it is sweatproof/waterproof to 50meters.
The next watch in the series is the 131. The 131 comes with all the 10k features but with upgraded 50 lap memory counter, and multiple time zones/alarms.
Finally, the 262, the last in the series comes with an upgraded 100 lap memory counter and all the bells and whistles that the rest of the watch line come with.
The Soleus watch line ranging from $55-$95. Put simply, the Soleus watch line is, 'Simple, everything you need, nothing you don't. Like having all your favorite cable-channels, but no useless ones tacked on, just so the cable company can charge more...' -J&A customer


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