Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is This a Game Changer?

According to the Urban Dicitonary a “Game Changer” is defined as this

n. a Jagerbomb, also referred to as a JB smooth,
consists of dropping a shot of jagermeister into a glass of red bull and can improve one's game dramatically.

"Look at the ladies who just walked in. Time for a game changer."

I'm pretty sure Emilio Desoto was not thinking of a JB smooth when he surveyed the wetsuit competition last year and thought about how he could elevate his company's game. But when your industry is packed with competitors like the local pub on a Saturday night, you have to do something to separate yourself.

Emilio's two piece T1 wetsuits are certainly unique, but that is not enough for a man and his company who have been leading designers and manufacturers in triathlon apparel for two decades.

The triathlon community, yours truly included, have incorrectly operated under the common misperception that 5mm of thickness was the limit for wetsuit rubber. Not so. Armed with this knowledge, Emilio went to work and created the T1Water Rover.

I was impressed when I first saw the prototype of the suit at Interbike in September. We just received our first shipment of the suits from Desoto this week and I remain impressed. This super-buoyant suit will not be the top choice of everyone, but for many it will be the fastest suit they can currently buy. Check out what Emilio has designed and why here.

What is more certain in my opinion is that this suit will change the wetsuit game. Every other manufacturer will have to re-think their wetsuit design and convince you it is still the best choice or create their own super-buoyant suit.

In the meantime, I’ll be surveying my age group wave start to see who thinks it is time for Desoto's Game Changer.


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