Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunday shop rides

Well, we’ve been riding through the winter, even last Sunday when the temps were around freezing and it was actually SNOWING, about fifteen of us left the shop at 8:30 a.m. prompt. The only time we don't formally ride is when it is raining at the start of the ride.

We are extending the shop rides this year to include a new intermediate group, led by Tammy Metzger and Tempo Multisport, as well as offering a number of specific pre-ride clinics and a more formalized schedule.

The “we” in this is us and you. The “us” is myself (Mark), Jeff, Zac, James, Hugo , Ron, Tammy, and Kim who will be the ride leaders.

No Drop: The “you” is almost anyone who can ride a bike. If you are new to cycling, or just have not been out on your bike for a while, then there’s the 20-mile no-drop ride. Jeff and Hugo will normally take this ride, the ride will head down Dawson and South 5th, out of town to Akins High School. You won’t get left to ride alone, everyone waits at the High School and then heads back to the shop. The no-drop ride is 10-miles out, and 10 back.

Intermediate: The intermediate group is for those who’ve done the no-drop for a number of weeks and are ready to step-up in distance and speed. The rides will vary from week to week. You need to be able to follow ride sheets and fix your own punctures. We’ll do our best to look out for folks and drop back when we can, but it’s not a no-drop ride. Speeds will vary but the target is an average of 15MPH, with distance of 25-30 miles.

Long: Typically lead by Zac and I, the long group will also follow the group ride plan, but will typically ride longer, 35+ miles. Speed for the longer group will depend on the route, and the riders. While we encourage the group to ride together, the group will often split, with a fast group going off the front and race back into town and to the shop. You need to be able to handle your own breakdowns, punctures etc.

We all meet up back at the shop to swap stories, talk tactics and race plans and enjoy a free breakfast taco from Taco Deli, provided by Jack. We roll every week on time at 8:30 am prompt, for most people that means arriving at the shop no later than 8:15.

Here is the ride schedule for the first 7-weeks, we will be updating the blog as plans develop, last minute changes, cancellations will be sent out via the Jack and Adams twitter account - you can keep up to date with this via the web, or get a twitter account and get the updates sent direct to your cellphone.

Feb 7 - South
Feb 14 - South - possible mechanics clinic pre-ride (to be determined)

Feb 21 - Hill training - Intermediate loop does hill circuit / Long group does longer hilly ride

Feb 28 - South
Mar 7 - Group riding/paceline clinic for intermediate and long group.

Mar 21 - 50+mile ride for intermediate and long group.
Mar 28 - South

Don't forget, we leave at 8:30a.m. sharp and free breakfast Taco's afterwards! Let’s keep the ride safe for ourselves and for other road users… See you Sunday!!


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