Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shop ride Sundays: It's April, change is in the air!

So, we've got a lot of change for April with Spring coming, time to get your year planner out and the yellow highlight marker...

First up, after this Sundays shop ride, I will be in Butler park, the other side of the railway bridge, to give a transition clinic. I'll run through it a few times to allow riders from the no-drop, intermediate and advanced groups to take part. There is no set time, but I'll be riding with the no-drop this week so I can get back early and get set-up. We'll have a couple of transition racks and I'll take you through both basic and advanced transition.

I'll be giving you a chance to practice everything a few times, bring running shoes as well if you want but we'll be on grass! So, no matter what level of experience you have come along and learn some tips and tricks that will help you save vital time in transition, I usually exit both T1/T2 in under a minute, sometimes in as little as 35-seconds...

Next, there are a lot of changes to the schedule this month. Here it is. Please pass it on so we don't have people showing up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3rd Jacks famous no-drop ride; Intermediate and Advanced will do hills. We leave promptly at 8:30 from the shop.

10th NO SHOP RIDE - we don't plan any rides for today, come do the Round Rock Express ride instead, and many will be down in Galveston take part in the 70.3 race.

17th No Drop ride only - for those of you not doing the Rookie Triathlon, I will be at the shop to run the no-drop ride, we don''t plan any other rides. Zac will be around if anyone wants to come do a pick-up ride based on who shows up.

24th It's Easter. No Steiner Ride today, moved to May 1st. Definitely No-drop, Intermediate and advanced, destination/length etc. tbc. Ride location the shop, start time 8:30

1st May Steiner Ride - Shiner GASP special edition. We will be riding out from the Steiner Ranch Steak House, starting prompt at 8:30 for no-drop, intermediate and advanced. The good folks from the Spoetzl Brewery will bring along some free beer, the Shiner GASP century is the following Saturday(7th) and one of my personal favorites.

So, thats it for this week. Lots to do, hopefully I'll see lots of you on Sunday for the transition clinic or on the ride. Make sure you make a note of the ride changes, no last minute txt messages asking me where things are... (you know who you are...) ++Mark.


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