Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 TRI ZONES Women's Training Teams

If you are in need of some group motivation/accountability look no further...Tri Zones has your back! Check out the 2011 Women's Training Team options for this season:

Danskin Triathlon and Skeese Greets Triathlon training: this program starts March 26th with various locations available including North, South, and a Cedar Park/Round Rock location. All groups offer a program for First Tri and Tri Tri Again. The program is 10 weeks long and offers pool and open water swimming instruction, cycling, running, transitions, and race day preparation. To register go to http://www.trizones.com/node/5862

Intermediate and Advanced training programs are also available for the Texas Tri Series or for ongoing half Ironman and full Ironman distance events. Training starts March 29th. For more information go to http://www.trizones.com/node/3365.


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