Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Saturday Austin 70.3 again.

The last 2-weeks of informal, semi-lead, rides of the Austin 70.3 aka Longhorn half-ironman course are this week, September 18th and next week.

I say "semi-lead" because I will show-up, offer maps, leave at 7 a.m. prompt trying to keep a steady pace to start. Once we get over the toll road bridge and away from the Decker lake circuit, everyone will be warmed up and then it's form groups based on pace.

The course is well marked with yellow arrows before, on and after turns. It's 56-miles, starts from just outside Walter E Long Park aka Decker Lake; last Saturday we had about 30-people start in various groups, everything from fast to slow. The only thing you need to know, the ride is unsupported, and there really are no water stops until 38-miles, then its the East Travis County Metropolitan Park where they have bathrooms, after that its not until 44-miles in Webberville. An earlier stop option is to detour into Elgin which adds about 4-miles to the.

Bring 3-bottles and you'll be fine to Webberville... be there for a prompt start, no need to reply, I have some spare course maps as well... You don't have to be racing to do the ride!

This ride is really not sponsored, organized or otherwise endorsed by Jack and Adams, riders participate at their own risk. ++Mark.

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