Monday, September 13, 2010

Barton Springs Rescue

One of the great things about Austin, IMHO, is the sense of community. Everywhere you look or go there are established and spontaneous communities. This is especially true amongst the triathlon, cycling and running scene. Another great Austin tradition is Barton Springs. Arguably a community tradition from the start, Barton springs is maintained by the city, but only with the help and perseverance from the Friends of Barton Springs, along with a number of other groups.

Last weeks storms not only closed Barton Springs, it created a huge mess. If you have not seen this video, you should, yes the springs is under there somewhere...

Triathletes benefit from Barton Springs in a huge way. Who can say they have not been down to the springs in their wetsuit for a cold water, early morning swim? Runners and cyclists too, how great is it to sit on the side or stand in the shallow end after a hard ride or run and just calm down those raging muscle fibers?

So, nows the time we need to give back as a community. Wednesday September 15th the Friends of Barton Springs, in conjunction with the Pool manager to organize an emergency pool cleaning. There will be two hour shifts at at 10 am, noon, 2 pm, and 4 pm.

PLEASE SIGN UP for at least one shift. I have no idea what will be required, but it would be great if we could get all the athletic communities to sign-up, irrespective if you are from the J&A Sunday shop ride, Austin T3, Texas Iron, Trizones, Rogue Running, Run Tex, Tempo Multisport, and Austin Cyclecamp.

If you are from one of these communities or any other, now is the time to act. Please contact FoBS President and register for a shift. Tell Robin which group you are from so the FoBS know we are giving back. Act now! I'll be on the 4pm shift. Pass it on!

Robin Cravey, president
Friends of Barton Springs Pool


Anonymous said...

They should also schedule one for the weekend. Not everyone can take off on a workday.

Anonymous said...

If you set up a second clean up date, please make it on a wknd so more people can come out without taking off work. May get a better turn out. Thank you!!!