Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: The Mystery of the East

This Sunday we are taking the shop rides east. The rides will all go out from downtown to controlled groups to make a safe egress from the city.

No-Drop - A few more miles than normal out to Decker Lane and then back. About 28-miles roundtrip. You'll get the chance to cycle in downtown roads in light use; this will help you develop a few additional skills. There is a faster section once you get out to Johnny Morris, but otherwise we'll be looking for the group to stay together and take guidance.

Intermediate - Will follow the same route out, and then make a left on Decker Lane, follow the Tri course around the back of the lake and then back into town via Loyola Lane. Depending on who the ride escorts are this week, this may be another paced ride. Distance if I remember correctly is about 34-miles, again up a few but a good chance to learn some city group riding skills.

Advanced - Following on from last times east ride, and with the fact the Austin 70.3 is not long, we'll be extending the Advanced ride to the same route around the back of Decker Lake, then when we get to the bridge over Toll Road SH45, we'll take a left and take on 16-miles of the Longhorn 70.3 course before dropping down Burleson Manor Rd, FM969 and back via Decker Lane to Loyola and into town. The advanced ride will complete 52-miles.

The route for all 3-rides is here on - for some reason, it has made a mess of the actual turn directions, although the route(s) are correct. See you Sunday, we leave at 8:30a.m.


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