Friday, September 24, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Fun in the saddle

Sundays ride for all groups is heading South. It's the Silicon Labs Marathon relays which to a degree restricts the choice of routes, plus at least the Tempo Multisport ride leaders will be racing as a team.

As always, we will have the 3-groups, leaving 8:30 a.m. prompt. First up will be the Advanced group, 38-miles inc. the River Road loop; Second will be the Intermediate group. I'll again be pacing that for 16MPH out to the CVS where the Old San Antonio Road gets to Buda.

Finally "Jack's famous no-drop" ride, will do 10-miles out and 10-miles back with ride escorts. As always we wait for the last ride escort and rider after crossing traffic light junctions and turning left, we'll also be there to supervise repairing punctures, and other minor problems. The rides are not sagged though, you need to be prepared.

AUSTIN 70.3 rides. This is the last w/e I'll be riding the course before the race, I'm going to try for race pace, so no sag, no support but I will be there with maps and to answer questions before the ride. 7am prompt. Park outside the park. Here is the meet-up point.

Safe rides this w/e, see you in the saddle! ++Mark.


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