Friday, November 20, 2009

Trainer Talk

Today I thought I would pick up on a topic Drew touched base on...trainers. It is starting to be "that time of year" again when most of us do not want to ride in the cold, wet, and or wind. The alternative to get your riding in is spin class or riding the trainer at home.

I am in the market for a new trainer for this coming tri season so I thought now would be a great time as any to go through the differences between trainers. Hopefully this will make your trainer purchase decision easier.
Cycle Ops makes a series of trainers starting with the Mag Trainer. The Mag retails for $179.99 and now comes equipped with 5 levels of resistance (the athlete must manually adjust). I would recommend this trainer for those riding under 1 hour with minimal intensity and minimal resistance requirements.

The next Cycle Ops trainer in the series that I would recommend is the Magneto trainer. The Magneto now has progressive resistance without having to manually adjust! The Magneto retails for $269.99. I would recommend this trainer for those riding over an hour with intensity and looking for good quality resistance.

The third in the series of mainstream Cycle Ops trainers is the Fluid2 trainer. This trainer retails for $329.99. I would highly recommend this trainer for the multi-hour trainer rider who is looking for varied intensity, a wider resistance range, and a larger fly wheel to give a more road like feel. There are several trainer options Cycleops makes above the Fluid trainer that offer power readings and a few upgrades. More on those in the future.

This season Jack & Adam's will also offer the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer. The Road Machine normally retails for $369.99 but as Drew mentioned we are running a special price of $299.99. The Road Machine Fluid Trainer is comparable to the Cycle Ops Fluid2 Trainer offering a wider range of resistance, and a larger fly wheel (the fly wheel is larger on the Kurt trainer) to give a more road like feel.

Please stop in to check both brands out and get your questions answered.
Have a great weekend!


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