Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bike Fitting The Sense Corp Texas 4000

Here at J & A's the fit room is always busy, and over the last couple of weeks The Sense Texas 4000 Riders have been coming in the doors on an hourly basis to take delivery of their new 2010 Felt z85 road bikes.

This group of riders are some of my favorite fits each year. Why? Well servicing them brings in some of the most amazing stories I get to hear and simply they are all neat people. Second, it is bike fitting at its best; riders are new with little history or riding experience, that translates into the importance of testing the fundamental process of what is considered a "good" comfortable but rideable (4500 miles rideable) position.

Positioning 50 riders to pedals and bicycles is a clear opportunity to continually tune the process of what is the real science and art of bike positioning. Taking a rider from beginning with no definitive perceptive awareness to the evolved state of knowing what their individual riding position looks and feels like is the part of bike fitting that few systems and technologies can assure. So, if you haven't heard of The Sense Corp Texas 4000 ride for cancer here is a link to read up:

And if you are needing a bike fit or considering advancing your bike position over the winter months, then give us a call and secure your appointment slot, where we will take the time to position you with every consideration.



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