Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pop's Picks of the Week

Here is a look at some new products arriving at the shop this week. Bikes, trainers, and greeting cards!

You may have recently seen on our homepage that we are excited to bring Ceepo Bikes to Austin. Well they have arrived! If you have time this afternoon, stop by the shop to see James building the Venom. Nobuyuki "Joe" Tanaka is a triathlete like all of us and he has created some incredible bikes!

James is building up the venom with SRAM Force, Profile Design bars and a killer Easton wheelset.

We've also received a Katana and Stinger so be sure to come by and check them out!

Winter for many of us, with its cold weather and short days, means time on the indoor trainer. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to trainer brands and models. Answering the following question is the first step in picking the best trainer for you, "Will your workouts be short spin sessions, intense intervals, epic long rides, or a combination of all?" Come by the shop and share with us your answer and we'll help you pick the best trainer for your needs.

We have always recommended the Cycleops series of trainers. Saris' wide range of models, lifetime warranty and great pricing make them an excellent buy.

This week we'll be debuting a new trainer model at the shop. The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. This is the company that built the first Cycleops trainer. Kurt felt there was a better way to build a resistance trainer so they decided to set out on their own and do it.

The Road Machine employs an industry leading 2 1/8" roller to reduce tire wear and a 6.25lb flywheel to keep you spinning smoothly. The Road Machine priced at $369.00 is a serious trainer. When the trainers arrive tomorrow we'll have a dozen available at an introductory sale price of $299.00. If you've been contemplating a trainer purchase this may be a great time to do it and get one of the best trainers on the market to boot.

I don't know about you but November has flown by for me. If you follow the holiday tradition of sending cards to your colleagues, friends, family, and loved ones, but struggle with finding unique cards to express yourself, you should checkout Skeese Greets Holiday cards. These cards are flat out cool. All of the designs are created with used bicycle chains by Austin's own Stacy Keese. Whether you need a single card or several boxes, we have the latest Skeese Greets designs at the shop. Be sure to also check-out the Skeese Greets Blog for some unique ornament and gift ideas you can create yourself.

Well that's a sampling of some of the new things arriving at the shop this week. Come in and check-out these items and more for yourself. I'm off to find even more cool items for next week. Man I love my job! - Drew aka "Pops"


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