Monday, November 2, 2009

The Dirty Du

The Dirty Du is just around the corner. At J&A and High Five Events, this is our favorite event of the year. It's definitely less stressful to put on than all the big tri's, but we also love just hanging out, camping, and exposing people to something different . We've added some new things this year:
  1. There is an off road half marathon on Saturday. Rocky Hill Ranch is a beautiful place to run off road. It's just like Bastrop state park.
  2. Cash prizes to the overall champions, plus a $500 bonus for taking down a course record. Check out the names of the record holders:
Men Lance Armstrong 1:36:05
Women Shae Rainer 1:55:34
Relay Adam Daley & Floyd Landis 1:25:50

Did we mention that every participant gets a hooded sweatshirt with their entry?!!! The volunteers get one too!

Our favorite part of the weekend is the Bike Toss and Fly Bar competition. The bike toss is basically a shot put/discus toss, but with a bike. The winner's get some really unique trophies this year. The Flybar is a super-duper pogo stick. We set up a little obstacle course and have a double elimination tourney.

Don't miss out on this great weekend!


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