Monday, November 2, 2009

Tires & TPI

I recently received several questions about tires and their TPI. So I decided to clarify a few things about the topic.

1st, TPI stands for Threads Per Inch.

2nd, tires are made with threads. Lower end tires have lower counts which tend to make them heavier and ride more harsh. Higher end tires have higher thread counts which allow them to ride smoother and contour to bumps on the road better. On some tires the threads are mixed in with Kevlar or some other type of durable fabric to make them more resilient to flats. It is important to note that a higher TPI tire is not more prone to flats than a lower TPI tire.

3rd, lower TPI tires are less expensive and are more common for training use. Higher TPI tires are more expensive and tend to be used for racing or for riding roads where you are looking for a smoother ride.

For a great low TPI tire I would recommend the Vittoria Zaffiro Tire. For those of you looking for the high TPI tire consider the Vittoria Diamante, the Vittoria Open Corsa, the Vredestein Tri Comp, or the Continental Grand Prix 4000. Please stop by the shop to check out the selection of the above mentioned tires or to ask questions and say hi.


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erichollins said...

I'm a fan of the Vredestein Tri Comps. I've been using them for years as my training and racing tires and I really haven't noticed a lot of flats with them at all. They are light, fast, and fairly easy to get on and off of my rims.