Friday, November 14, 2008

Swim Anyone?

What? Off season swimming? To me off season is the best time to spend more time in the water. I am a swimmer...born and raised, so I love to go back to my roots and get extra time in the pool.

As I grow as a triathlete, I am learning I need to use my enthusiasm and strength for swimming and channel it into my weaker sports...cycling and running. It has taken me about 6 years of triathlon seasons to start to realize this. So for you non-swimmers, now is the time to channel your enthusiasm and strength into your swim! The off season is a great time to work on swimming to love those drills!

Not motivated you say? Even as a swimmer I'm sometimes unmotivated to get in the water. To stay motivated I think of fun ways to keep it interesting - like a new suit, for instance!

Check out the cool suit I tried on at the shop today! It was super comfortable with a nice, fun, funky color. We have a large selection of suits at J&A's...some even on the sale rack!

Happy Swimming!



How do you stay motivated? We want to know!


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