Friday, November 21, 2008

Helmets: The Life Saver!

It doesn't happen very often but it happened yesterday: two customers both went down over the course of the same week! One came in with a concussion and road rash, the other a swolen leg and road rash. Both retold their stories and both stories ended on the same note: "I am lucky I had my helmet." Of course their helmets needed to be replaced and fortunately for them we just received a new shipment of this essential piece of bike equipment.

The tales of crashing got me thinking about my own helmet. Most cyclists forget that a helmet should be replaced every year (I am guilty of that too). They aren't just for looks, okay looks are important too but whether you spend $40 or $250 they will both save your noggin! Stop by the shop this weekend or during our holiday sale and check out the new helmet options. If you are a Garmin/Slipstream fanatic, we have one of those helmets waiting for you! We also have a cool Ionos Black and White with checkers on the front...this one goes great with my bike =) !

Happy Riding and Be Safe!



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