Friday, November 7, 2008

New Gear for The Off Season!

I was thinking about the off season and I realized it is the perfect time of year to take care of that bicycle of yours! Sure, there may be less time "in the saddle," but that's even more reason to wash your chain or even replace it! We just received an order of chains ranging from 105 to DA. Keeping your chain in good shape, whether it be off season or race season, is important for maintaining your bicycle. Stop by the shop and ask the super mechanics for help if you are not sure which chain is right for you.

On another note, the other day I thought I lost all three pairs of my sunglasses...YUP! All three. I pretty much gave up looking and decided maybe it was time to just get some new ones to go with the upcoming running race season. I feel fitter and better than I have in a long time so why not get a new pair of sunglasses as a reward for my new found fitness. Okay, I was also thinking that way because we got our fall pre-season order in from Tifosi Optics. Pretty cool! Our Tifosi display is fully stocked! Check these out:

Cool shades! Tifosi Vogel

New items coming this weekend to the shop:

More Louis Garneau winter clothes

For the ladies
: Craft Long sleeve women's base layer in earth color (pretty purple to me)

Safety First: Neon Yellow Jackets for the dark mornings!

Still have one last race of the season? Check out the recent arrival of Continental 700c Tubies to spark up those race wheels!

Happy Training!

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