Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Product Review: LG Balaclava

Over the past few weeks some of our customers have enquired about winter essentials. As “cold” temperatures approach and the economic status is still in question some of us might find it necessary to prepare correctly. Thankfully we’ve received some shipments form Louis Garneau and Pearl Izumi which might help in these situations.

Our unidentified shop worker is seen here in a new LG Balaclava hood, LG fleece lined arm warmers, and a pair of PI Grip Light Gloves. Unfortunately we do not have a measuring tape next to our doors and therefore can not identify this person.

For some reason our shop worker refused to speak when we asked them questions. Instead they dashed around the store, apparently filling TYR bags for a customer and merely gave a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to our questions.

What do you think of the new gloves? Thumbs up

We noted the ease at which the shop worker gripped onto product and quickly tossed it into a bag. From this we have concluded the grip on the gloves is useful and the fit was snug enough to allow pinpoint grabbing.

What do you think of the fleece arm warmers? Thumb up

Since the arm warmers did not fall down to reveal the presence of birth marks, tattoos, hair, or striated muscle (which could be used to distinguish employees) we believe these arm warmers stay in place very well.

Do you like the LG Balaclava hood? Thumb up / thumb down

We did not know how to interpret this since we were unable to identify the shop worker during the time they were in the shop.

It was quite curious that the unknown shop worker appeared to be grabbing a number of items which have not yet been reviewed on the blog. We have no idea what they could be doing with these items since they don’t know anything about them.

We do know the shop worker (or imposter shop worker) was warm while entering the shop on a chilly Monday morning. This deduction is based upon the commuting method (i.e. bike) used to get away from the shop.

Note: we would like to recommend all cyclists wear helmets when riding their bike. Also, if you are striving to be un-identifiable do not choose your custom tri-bike as your mode of transportation.


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Glenda said...

LOL, great review. That was hilarious!