Friday, July 2, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Just no-drop

As it's a holiday w/e (OK, I admit it, American Indepence day, but don't expect to find the Brit' celebrating), we've only got the no-drop ride scheduled for this week. We'll be heading south to Atkins High School and back. The ride will proceed at the pace of the slowest rider.

What that means is that while riding, we ask the group to stop after any traffic lights or left turns and wait until the rest of the group joins them. I'll be riding at the back encouraging those to do their best to keep up, but no more than that.

If anyone on the group has a puncture or mechanical problem, same rule as above, only I'll make a decision on if the group should wait or ride on, and that will be done in conjunction with other J&A Sunday shop ride escorts!

All we ask of you is 1. Turn up with a positive attitude willing to do your best; 2. Make sure your bike is roadworthy before the start, pump up tires in the morning, bring a spare tube; 3. Know basic bike handling skills, how to brake, change gear and mount dismount, and laws of the road! Also, and I cant state this enough, NO MP3 players.

See y'all Sunday, you can come remind me how the upstart Americans ran the Brit's out of town, just don't mention tea bags! ++Mark.

ps. I'm sure there will be pickup rides from the shop with riders who don't want to ride no-drop, you'll be on your own this week for those!


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