Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get to know your coaches!

You may have seen them encouraging you to give it that extra "oomph" in core class. Or maybe riding beside you as you tackle an especially big hill during the Sunday ride. All of our coaches with J&A's free training are as excited about multisport activities as you are - so we thought it would be cool to fill you in about their background and how they come to do what they do: inspire us all.


Lisa Bender Thiel

Lisa has been involved in the fitness industry for over 8 years with experience in one on one sessions, small group training, and corporate wellness programming. She has a passion for bringing CrossFit to runners and multi-sport athletes to improve performance and prevent injury. Lisa has been a competitive endurance athlete for over 15 years and a CrossFitter for 2 ½ years. Her recent athletic accomplishments include 2008 Fittest Games Chall Champion and 2009 Boston Marathon Finisher. Lisa has a BA degree in Exercise and Sport Science from UNC-Chapel Hill and was a former Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by NSCA. She holds a certification in CrossFit Endurance and Running, CrossFit Nutrition, and is CrossFit Level 1 certified.

Alex Janss

Alex is a former competitive volleyball and basketball player and track runner. While attending the University of Texas she was on the University Of Texas Rowing Team. Alex was selected for the Boston U.S. Development camp, Won 1st and 4th at the U.S. club nationals and this past year competed at the Canadian Henley placing 2nd in the Champ 8. She graduated from the University Of Texas with a BA in Theater and Dance. Alex is a Level I CrossFit Instructor. She is very passionate about fitness and is available for small group training as well as one on one personal training.


Mixon Henry

Coach Mixon has been coaching runners for over 20 years. Over the years, the level of runners attending workouts range from Olympians to beginners. His personal running experience includes everything from 5k's to marathons. His philosophy of running is that it should enhance your life - not dominate it.


Tammy Metzger

Tammy is a multisport coach and owner of Tempo Multisport, LLC. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology, with a concentration in Sport Science & Nutrition, from the University of Texas at Austin. Her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science & Wellness was obtained from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. Tammy comes from a sedentary background, and found a passion for cycling in early 2002, which quickly became a passion for triathlon, leading her to the eventual completion of 2 Ironman triathlons (Ironman South Africa in 2008, and Ironman Arizona in 2009). While her education and personal experience provide her with the know-how to prepare you to meet and exceed your athletic goals, Tammy’s unique perspective of having not been a life-long athlete provides her with a deeper understanding for those new to an active lifestyle. She believes that the importance of the psychological aspect of embracing healthy behavior change cannot be understated, "Where the mind goes, the body will follow."

Zac Dashner

Zac has been an "avid" cyclist for roughly 7 years. The bulk of his experience is in road cycling, though some in mountain biking. He is moreso a dedicated roadie, though he has competed in 3 sprint distance triathlons and 1 olympic. He has raced for 3 years - criteriums, time trials, stage races and road races from 8 miles to 80 miles. He is currently training for the longest single-day road race in the country, at 206 miles. The race is dubbed/named LOTOJA (, which is something of an acronym in that the LO in the name are for "LOgan, Utah", the TO in the name is simply for "to", and the JA is for "JAckson, Wyoming." It is a point-to-point race that starts in Logan, Utah and finishes just outside of Jackson (Hole), Wyoming. While he enjoys competitive cycling (racing), he thoroughly enjoy recreational cycling, as well, hence why she shows up on Sundays to help out. his goal/ambition in helping with the Sunday shop rides is to help others a) get into the activity/sport of cycling and enjoy it, b) help teach others how to be self-sufficient on the bicycle, c) help demonstrate/teach the "rules of the road" and proper etiquette, as well as set a positive example for others, and d) help create and/or foster some camaraderie and unity among the cycling community so that others will try to do the same. Zac is a runner, as well, having run a myriad of 5ks and 10ks, about a dozen half marathons and several marathons. Having played soccer since the age of 5, his college years and the years immediately thereafter were as sedentary as he'd ever been and his shape/fitness level was indicative of such. He pursued running and cycling (and, briefly, triathlons) to get back into a more active lifestyle and get back into better shape.

Mark Cathcart

Mark is a 12-year triathlete and has competed in more than 60-triathlons, including 2 Ironman distance races and 8 half distance races; he has taken part twice ITU World Championships for Great Britan plus one European Championship; was a 2003 British Triathlon Volunteer of the year and formally Chairman of UK Triathlon club Tri-Force for 4-years. Professionally Mark is currently a Director a Dell; and lives in Bouldin Creek not far from the shop. These days he specializes in sprint distance races and has placed in four of his last five races.

Hugo Garza

Hugo is a 6 year marathon runner and has ran in 4 marathon and 8 half marathons, and is a 8 year cyclist and has taken part in 2 ms 150 rides and one livestrong ride. Professionally Hugo is an electrican; and lives in South Austin not far from the shop.

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