Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Back to the start

After last weeks ride we had a big group, plus a photographer taking pictures for an upcoming issue of Bicycle Magazine, this week it's back to the start.

Most of the ride leaders and escorts are out this week. Lisa Buckley from the advanced group is about to head out to Iraq for her 2nd tour of duty as Warrant Officer in the National Guard. Lisa only just missed out on an Army Tri team qualifying time at CapTex, and she's only got one more shot at Waco tri tomorrow before she leaves. So, me, Tammy from Tempo Mulisport, Kelley from Velosimmo, Bekah from T3 and a few others are all headed up there to race and cheer Lisa on.

With Zac the advanced group ride leader, and Shane from Tempo Multisport both out injured(don't ask..), we are calling up the old guard for Sundays ride. Yep, for the first time in a long time, Jack and Drew are coming out to ride.

So, it's an interesting coincidence that this Sunday all the rides are scheduled to go out east. Way back in time now, the Sunday shop ride started with Jack, Drew, and some friends and shop folks heading east every Sunday, and so the shop ride was "born".

Here is a ride map. The no-drop ride goes out to Decker Lane, makes a right, goes down to Loyola Lane and heads back for a 26-mile ride. The intermediate and advanced group make a left on Decker and follow the triathlon course around the back of the lake, to the front of the park and then back into town.

Anyone wanting a longer or fast ride should form up at the front of the group once the ride gets across Airport on Springdale, let the ride leaders know and then go off the front. See if you can get two loops of the tri course in before the Intermediate group have finished their first!

Have a great, and safe ride, see you next week! ++Mark(not the Aussie)


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