Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tri Unites

No matter what side of the red/blue line you stand on, triathlon can be a sport that unites. Take Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry and newly elected Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown for instance. The two stated today that they plan to participate in a triathlon together, well, as soon as Kerry's hip feels better.

Kerry is well known to be a cycling enthusiast. When I met him at Lance's 2005 Tour de France victory party at the Ritz Carlton in Paris, I thought he was there for the same reasons Lindsey Lohan was there - the free food and drinks. But the guy actually does like bikes and is pretty good at riding according to former pro cyclist and Garmin team director Jonathan Vaughters.

Scott Brown also appears to be an avid cyclist. Not only that, but he's a long distance runner and swimmer and has competed (and placed) in many triathlons and duathlons.

I'd like to cordially invite Kerry and Brown to go head-to-head at the Rookie Tri in New Braunfels on May 9th. If the Rookie is good enough for Texas Governor Rick Perry's first tri, then it's good enough for two Yankee senators. But they better sign up soon, because the event fills up quickly!


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