Friday, January 22, 2010

Road I.D. and You

The staff here at Jack & Adam's recently had the opportunity to invest in some road safety equipment. Thanks to P.J and Ed over at Road ID we all now have identification bands for cycling, running, and really any outdoor activity just in case an emergency occurs and we are not able to communicate to the first respondent.
Personally, I don't plan on ever needing it out on the road but there is never a guarantee. But with the help of Road ID I feel more confident knowing the emergency personal will have my medical history, emergency contact, current health information, and additional personal information right at their fingertips just in case I cannot respond. The ID comes in several different options ranging from anklets, arm bands, and even dog tags and comes in all different color options (I went with the red wrist id elite band). You can customize the plaque information to list anything you want someone to know about you if you are in need of emergency care and cannot communicate. I would also recommend upgrading to the road interactive model which allows responders to access vital information (like blood type or insurance info) online or by phone beyond the information listed on your ID.

Jack & Adam's will soon carry Road ID and Road ID accessories so stop in sometime to check on availability. If you just can't wait for their arrival here at the shop please use discoutn code to ThanksAngie608341 to receive $1 off any Road ID order.
Be safe out there!


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