Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I pity the fool, that don't shop local!

There are really only two options here...

1. You can purchase a Go Local Card for ten dollars at our fine bike shop, and get discounts at hundreds of Austin owned and operated businesses.


2. You can pack up your things, Craigslist your cycling equipment and move to Houston... I know that sounds drastic, but now is the time for drastic things. The tipping point is nigh, my friends!

Well, OK. Maybe I'm being the tiniest bit dramatic, but let me say this. My Go Local Card is pretty much the only coupon discount thingy I use. It's easy, which is great because I'm extremely lazy. It's wallet sized, which is great because I carry a wallet. And it saves me money, which is great because I'm cheap.

The card is ten bucks and expires one year from the time of purchase. At Jack and Adam's you save 10% off of all purchases with the exception of bikes. We're talking race wheels, bike shoes, X-labs and all of the other endless bike related accessories. I've recently finished some pretty advanced mathematical calculations and discovered that basically any purchase over $100 will effectively pay for the card. Peruse the rewards section of the Go Local blog and you will find similar discounts all over town. My personal favorite is the free body mapping from ARP Wave Austin. This, of course, is the process of drawing a map of the city all over your body so that when your iPhone breaks you will not be lost.

Below is a sampling of some other Go Local members in an extremely popular format.

Eat this
Not this

Drink this
Not this

Read this
Not this

Oh yeah, and if you pick one up at our shop be sure to say that Thomas, sent you in. Not because we have a sales contest or anything, simply because Jack and Angie, have been talking trash about their card selling abilities.


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