Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: South it is...

This Sundays see's all the shop rides going South. We start at 8:30a.m sharp with the Advanced ride, down to the gas station at the far end of Buda Main St, regroup and those that want to can add down to the 4-way stop at Kyle, making it about 40-miles round trip, or the group will do a 6-mile add-in loop before returning back to make 36-miles. Here is the route.

The Tempo Multisport Intermediate group leaves 2nd, and will head basically the same route for 1-hour out and an hour back. Mostly making a 28-mile ride, seen here. Then the "legendary" no-drop group leaves, again following the same route, but just 10-miles out and 10-miles back. Here is the ride, but start from the shop!

Now we "love" all our riders, especially those who race off the front and make it hard work for the group to keep up. However, the rides, and especially in the planning and taking the rides on the same route, are really there for you. If you want to sit at the back of the same group week in and week out, you are welcome. Sitting at the back of the no-drop ride is discouraged as it means you can be holding up the rest of the ride.

Afraid to step up to the next group? Don't be. Most Sundays we take similar routes, that means you can start with the faster group and if you can't keep up, simple stop, get your breath back and another group will come along in a few minutes. We mostly follow just a few routes in rotation, check back through blog entries tagged with "shop ride" to find links to maps.

Don't get stuck in a rut, in order to get faster you have to train faster. Every now and again we all have those off rides, you "bonk" for no apparent reason, if this happens to you, just come back next week and try again. I'm out for this week, be good and I'll join you again on the 29th for the Steiner Ranch Steak House Ride. ++Mark.


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