Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two of Hill County's finest community oriented organizations, Hill County Paw Pals and Hillsboro Police Department Community Outreach Programs, have joined together again to launch their third annual Waggin' Trail Bike Ride on Saturday, September 25th. The event is planned with five routes to meet the needs of the avid cyclist to the casual rider, including 66, 54, 40, 26 and 10 mile distances.

The planned routes offer cyclists a unique tour of Central Texas. Hill County is 986 square miles of rural area that is joined together with miles and miles of splendid paved farm-to-market roads. On many areas of the bike ride, cyclists can see for miles around - the splendid beauty of open land - flowing creeks, pastures with cattle and horses grazing, farmers' cultivated fields and proud, rural communities.

This year's event has been planned in conjunction with Go Texan Cotton Pickin' Fair and Roadhouse America Elm Street Rod Run (car show) - fun for the entire family!

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