Friday, August 13, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: Mystery of the East

This Sunday all rides go east. The plan is to ride out to 183 in groups to avoid traffic problems and be predictable, etc. Once we get the groups out at least to 183, or preferably to the Bud' distribution center, you can have at it. For those on the advanced ride, I'd challenge you to do 2x loops of the lake, we've done it before!

Here is a the no-drop route - the Tempo Multisport and Advanced groups then add this loop by turning left on Decker Lane. Are you fast enough to do two loops?

For ride leaders and escorts this week it will be me(Mark), James and Drew, and Tammy with the Tempo Multisport Intermediate ride.

Also, don't forget, although not an official shop-ride, we will be riding the Austin 70.3 course on Saturday, starting 7am sharp from the entrance to Walter E Long park. The course is through the magic of yellow spray now has direction arrows. Last week we had 11-people ride, split in two group groups. I'm expecting similar for this week. See you on your bike Saturday or Sunday! ++Mark.


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