Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shop ride Sundays: June and July

Spring has sprung, as Aiellie would say, we had spring for 2-weeks in May, so it must be summer now. First response from us to your requests is cold water after the ride. Seems simple, but somehow had been overlooked.

The schedule for the next couple of months is as follows:

6th No-drop tackles Shoal Creek, Intermediate and Advanced go separately North West
13th No-drop goes South; Group riding/Pacelines, Intermediate goes North West, Advanced goes South East
20th No-drop and Intermediate/Advanced go east for (24/30/30+)
27th No-drop and Advanced go south; Intermediate Interval Training

4th No-drop south only! Possibly unofficial pick-up rides.
11th No-drop tackles Shoal Creek; North West for the rest! Couples triathlon!
18th No-drop goes South; Intermediate has a Hill Climbing/Descending clinic; Advanced goes NW; there will be a Transition clinic post-ride to practice for Jacks Generic Triathlon
25th All rides go East;

We always leave at 8:30am, many people run after the rides(ok, well I always do), we have Breakfast Taco's, cold water, a deck, what else could a cyclist need? As always, got any comments, have at it!



Zac said...

July 18th - the advanced group will be riding a hilly route (i.e. Lost Creek, Shoal Creek, Cuernavaca & River Hills Road) of ~30 miles. While maybe not the distance some of you might be looking for, the climbing will offset some of the 'shortness' of the ride.

Coach Tammy said...

Looks great! So the skills clinics, led by Tempo Multisport, are as follows:
June 13: Group Riding/Intro to pacelines (NW)
June 27th: Interval Training (South)
July 18th: Climbing & Descending (Lost Creek)

See y'all there!

Coach Tammy said...

Excellent! Just to clarify the dates of the clinics led by Tempo Multisport, they are:
Group riding/paclines - last Sunday
Interval training - June 27th
Climbing/Descending clinic - July 18th

All other Sundays, the Intermediate group will follow the advanced group, but at a slightly less intense pace, and usually less distance. see ya out there! :)