Monday, June 21, 2010

Bicycle RE-Cycle Project Seeks Intern

The Bicycle RE-Cycle project is seeking an intern or volunteer. If you are interested in this unique opportunity please email

Here are the details:

The Bicycle Re-Cycle Green Team Project is an award winning recycling campaign geared towards keeping bicycles and everything bicycle related out of the landfills. We have recycling bins for tubes, tires, bikes, bike parts and workout clothing, including running and cycling shoes. This is a free service provided by Jack & Adam's Bicycles and is open to anyone who would like to donate items. Many of the donated items go to the Orange Bike Project, the Yellow Bike Project, art groups, other businesses and individuals in the Austin area.

We are looking for an intern or volunteer for these job responsibilities:

* Be the point of contact for the Bicycle Re-Cycle Project

* In charge of the Energy Bar Brigade:

collect, count and mail energy bar brigade wrappers to TerraCycle which benefits the non-profit "Please Be Kind To Cyclists."

* In charge of Bicycle Re-Cycle Bins:

-put non-swim, bike, or run related clothing items into other clothing donation bin

-process and count all tubes/tires and put into storage

-separate usable and non-usable bicycle parts

-remove trash and other non-bicycle related items from & around bins

-put wheels and bicycles into storage

-coordinate pickups with local organizations that want bikes & parts

* Public Relations & marketing:

-help write press releases

-provide 1 - 2 twitter updates per week

-provide 1 - 2 facebook updates per week

-provide 1 blog post per month

-create a monthly bike tube repair clinic

-take Bicycle Re-Cycle to local events to promote & also to accept recycling

-create a monthly sale of the items to create funding for the project

-create necessary signage

Job Requirements:

* Up to 10 hours per week, but probably less
* Interest in bicycles, recycling, marketing

* Hard worker

* Not afraid to get dirty


* Free entry into local triathlons

* Company parties and events

* Opportunity to learn about highly successful business

* Jack & Adam's discounts

* Free re-cycled bicycle equipment

* Fun people and atmosphere

* Chance to be part of a great team

Unfortunately, this is an unpaid position.


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