Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Getting Hot In Here!

It's getting hot in Texas again! We all knew the heat would come sooner rather than later and yet it always seems to catch me off guard.

Last weekend I went for a Saturday afternoon long run. I was a little worried since it was hot! So to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration I took some trusty Hammer Endurolytes. This brings me to my point: it is time to start taking electrolyte supplements folks!!

There are various options that you can take. The majority come in pill form. There are a couple of gels that are supplemented with electrolytes with the content matching that of a pill. E-Gel, made by Crank Sports is a great gel that offers just as much sodium as salt stick caps and even more potassium. I like the E-Gels. They are a change from the "regular" gel. They have a more tarty flavor and they have more calories per serving. Another electrolyte enhanced gel is EFS Liquid Shot. It is available in vanilla flavor. The gel is available in a large container or in a flask. One flask is 400 calories with over 1500mg of electrolytes!

If you don't need the extra calories when supplementing your electrolytes then go with the pill. The saltstick capsule is the most potent so if your stomach can take it then I would use that one. The thermolyte metasalt capsule is the next potent. To match the Saltstick you would need to take 2 thermolytes. Hammer Endurolytes are next on the list and they are the best for people with sensitive stomachs. You would need to take 5 endurolyte capsules to intake the same amount of sodium that is in saltsticks.

Regardless of what you take, do not forget to stay hydrated and do not forget your need them both to sustain a great workout.

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