Friday, September 4, 2009

What To Do In Austin

Austin is an amazing city with so many fun things to do, it could take you weeks to fit it all in. So what do you do when you only have one weekend in the ATX that also includes an awesome triathlon? Well, we asked fellow triathletes and Twitter users, “What's your favorite thing to do/place to go in Austin?” Here are some of their responses:

Places to go:

Barton Springs Pool – if you’ve never been, you’ve just got to see it! Seriously, it’s awesome.

Mt. Bonnell – Great views, but you might want to save this for after the tri, especially if you’re from a flat area of the country.

Things to do:

Visit Jack & Adam’s Bicycles (we’re not making this up – several respondents gave this answer!)

Watch the bats from the Congress Ave Bridge.

Search for Leslie

Shop on S. Congress – and be sure to tell each store that you’re in town for the triathlon; this is important!

Watch the sunset on Town Lake Hike & Bike Trail.

Catch some live music at the Continental Club.

Places to eat:

Taco Deli - We serve their great breakfast tacos (for free) after our Sunday rides. Their other tacos are top-notch and unique. Plus the owner is a bike rider himself. (picture is from the J&A shop ride "taco bin".)

Flip Happy Crepes - located in an Airstream trailer about a block from Jack & Adam's. Closed Mon & Tues and have limited hours. There is usually a line, but for good reason - really good crepes!

Chuy's - A short walk from Auditorium Shores (where the Austin Tri starts). Cool down with one of their delicious frozen margaritas!

Vespaio - When you're ready for a shopping break on S. Congress, then rest your feet at this Italian restaurant.

Flying Saucer - a little out of the downtown area, but if you like beer, then this is the place to go. They also have awesome soft pretzels and a full selection of other food.

Garrido's - After the tri on Monday, go visit this new restaurant in downtown! The food is amazing and they're having a Labor Day special. Plus the owner/chef, David Garrido is a true blue bicycle enthusiast.

The great thing about these suggestions is that almost all of them are in the vicinity of the downtown Austin Tri. If you have further suggestions, then knock yourself out - add them to the comments section!

Welcome to Austin, TX!


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Lift Cafe!! Stop by for breakfast or smoothie or lunch after the tri ... or get your morning caffeine rush!